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    *Luna - Witch English Sub


    Translated by Tosiaki:
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    Witch feat. Yuaru

    Witch feat. Yuaru

    Strangely enough, when I see her, I still feel calm, そう思わせてもらえるのです まるでそれは魔法みたいに
    yes I'm permitted to feel this way, and it's almost like magic, 平凡を具現化したような 平穏が乗り移ったような
    as if embodying the common, as if calmness is contagious, 平均が服を着たような 制服は膝下10cmみたいな
    as if wearing average clothes, as if the uniform is 10cm below the knee, そんな彼女が一体どうしてと思うけど
    with her like this, what's with her I wonder, but どうやら磔にされて燃やされてしまったらしい
    it seems like she was crucified and burned, 新しい魂などバカバカしいな
    new souls and such, how absurd, 裁判にゃそもそも意味もなく 第三の意見など虚しく
    the trial itself as meaningless, the third opinions as empty as they are, 階段から落ちて運ばれていくのを見ていた
    a drop from the stairs, and a carrying away, this I witnessed. 自分じゃなくて本当に良かったな
    What a relief that it wasn't me, あの子みたいな魔法が使えなくって良かったなんて思うよ
    a relief I couldn't use magic like that kid, I felt. いやいやこれは作り話で ただのおとぎ話で
    No no, it's all a made-up story, just a fairy tale, 僕よりも先に隣のあの子が選ばれますように
    "please let the kid beside me be picked first" なんて思っていないさ だって僕とは無関係で
    was certainly nothing I wished for, nothing to do with me, 本当にそうだったらいいんだけど…
    yes it'd be great if that was so, although... 「ねぇねぇそういえばあの子 なんとなく気に食わないんだよ
    "Hey hey, you know that kid? I just dun like her. ねぇ君はどう思う?ねぇ君はどう思う?
    Hey, whatcha think? Hey, whatcha think? だってさ、私とても弱いから誰かのせいにしないと
    After all, we're weak, if we don't blame someone, 心が折れちゃう 涙こぼれちゃう
    hearts will break, tears will spill, 溺れちゃう 凍えちゃう 誰か殺せちゃう」
    someone will drown, freeze, get killed." 『あぁ、そんなふうに弱さを受け入れられないあなたが
    "Aah, unable to accept weakness like this, you なんかとてもすごくかなり可愛そうだなって思います。
    just sorta seem quite cute if I'd say so myself. 実のところ、区別して、差別して、格別の軽蔑をしております。』
    In reality, I'm distinguishing, discriminating, and especially scorning." んなこと言えないんだけど
    is something that can never be said, though 口に出せばなにか変わるのかな
    if it was said, would anything change? そんなことわかってるんだ そういつだって自分が一番ね
    I know this already, after all, I'm always number one, right? あいにくこれは真実で ただのノンフィクションで
    Unfortunately this is reality, mere nonfiction, so 僕よりも先に隣のあの子が選ばれて良かった
    it's a relief the kid beside me was picked first, なんて思ってしまった だってどうしようもないんだ
    it's what what I ended up feeling, can't help feeling, 誰だって焼かれたくないんだ
    'cause no one wants to be burnt after all. いつの間にか僕等は醜い怪物になっていて
    Before we knew it, we've become hideous monsters, 誰かの平穏を奪って欲望を満たしていたんだ
    stolen away someone's peace, became filled with desire, そんな資格ないのに 必要もないはずなのに
    even though we're not qualified, and don't need it, 一体何がしたいんだい
    just what are we trying to do? いやいやこれは作り話で ただのおとぎ話で
    No no, it's all a made-up story, just a fairy tale, 昨日テレビで流れてたどこかの不幸な出来事で
    the unfortunate happening on yesterday's TV 隣のあの子が裸足で登校したって
    when that kid beside me went to school barefoot, 決して無関係で
    certainly nothing to do with me. いやいやこれが真実で ただのノンフィクションで
    No no, this is reality, mere nonfiction, so 今日もまるで日が昇るみたいに起こる出来事で
    with events today as regular as the sun rising, 君がやめたって 僕がやらなくたって
    supposedly you've quit and I've stopped, 今日も回り続けんだ
    but still it cycles on. やがて魔女が死んで怪物はやっと気づくんだ
    Eventually the witch dies, the monsters finally realize, いつまでも解けることのない呪いに掛かったんだって
    that there's always been a curse on that can't be dispelled, 傍観者の罪科を 屋上を染めた夕日を
    for the bystander's guilt, for the evening sun tinting the roof, 忘れることは
    for the forgotten,