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    [For basic-level beginners] How to make a balanced face + postscript

    Also includes some personal memos. Perhaps this might be use to those who think "I can't draw the face I intended!" or "Just draw without thinking of words? I'm trouble over how I can't even do that in the first place!" Left-sided thinkers might grasp this more quickly with words. ■For intermediate level people who can already imitate another's drawing, looking at this will just be a waste of time. Please don't make fun of me. ■Huh, the numbers disappeared...! It's 1, 2, 3, 4 from the top orz. Also, do note that the balance of the face changes when seen from above or below. ■12/1 I re-uploaded this with the numbers back, some additional explanation, and the complete image after coloring the line art. I had fun coloring the girl as I looked around various tutorials on Pixiv. Lol. I'll elaborate on the coloring in one additional picture after. ■The "it's okay to trace or copy" part is only relevant to practice time. What you should steal is only the sense of balance, as I do not recommend stealing not the whole picture (or its setup).
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    [Tutorial] How to understand the placeholder

    Yesterday, I finally realized the truth.
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    • 31 Jul 2018, No.78

    A beginner's tutorial from myself to myself, as a real beginner

    Recently, I've been losing myself... I didn't know what to do, so I finally went into a frenzy and drew this. I read tutorials from several people, and this is the resulting interpretation of them as a beginner. I think there's parts here that are extremely mistaken. Also, sorry for the shoddy writing...

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    • 23 Jul 2018, No.91

    [For beginners] Guide to setups [A selection of 20]

    For beginners on the level of "I don't know what setups are, so I tried looking around! In fact, what are setups?" There's many that might be useful from tomorrow on.

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    • 22 Jul 2018, No.92

    With this, you can draw the whole body! Lesson on placeholder and body proportions! Super Basic Edition

    I was once unable to draw the whole body, and what enabled me to start drawing the entire body is by first learning the body proportions. Recalling back to those times, I summarized the ideas into simple important points and presented it as a lesson. I would be pleased if it can be of help to those who are currently having these same difficulties or for those who can draw the whole body but wish to confirm their body proportions, among others.

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    • 13 Jul 2018, No.96

    [For those who've] Simple way to draw a face [never drawn before]

    For those who have never drawn before but would like to draw pictures of characters from manga or anime. It won't be of use to those who can already draw somewhat. Drawing is fun, so I think it's great not to just look, but to try drawing things yourself too. ※It's not as if I'm amazingly good at drawing, so this is just the generally feeling of things. In fact, I can only hope that it'd be of help

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