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    (C91) [Ochinchin Riichi! (Tagawa Gengo)] Vladimir Putin ga Chinjufu ni Chakunin Shimashita - Vladimir Putin has been posted to the naval base (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [English] [/yuri/ + /scan/ scanlations]

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    Fail coloring XD (sort of)
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    Touka drawing and painting process

    The process I made to draw Touka! By the way, I'm sorry but the images aren't in the process order :c I'm sorry pls don't kill me

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    Under The Umbrella

    《 Even under the umbrella, I still get wet. 》
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    Vivid Winter

    "On that day, I decided to fall into the void."
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    Sweet Orange

    /Because I want to be unique for once./

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