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    Random drawing! (I was trying to make pixel art)

    Yes, I wanted to do pixel art and this happened and I just like it a lot???? Well, that's all! Hope you like it :33 Btw, I'm also known as Ales is on fire/Alesisonfire or Fire-in-the-sea so don't think I stealed this drawing or anything! D:
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    Fail coloring XD (sort of)
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    Tsundere (??)

    (Btw it doesnt exactly show but in the picture,they're actually two different people here and are both twins.///)
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    Faceless portrait

    that's it
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    god i swear i suck at colouring
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    coloring practice

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    I really don't know if this should be tagged R-18 or not (;'A')
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    This looks cool!
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    [makes an account to post oc stuff on] [posts ocs i'm not actually using] i'm such a pro meet suzume anzai (arrow eyebrows & acne scars), miho kuze (jeweled falsies & beauty mark), and hiroyo mizukoshi (pastel pink hair & raincoat) suzume's picture is the best because i took like a month figuring her design out. oops

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    Doodles that look better than my drawings

    I draw better on paper. Is the title too depreciating?

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    there it is m y destructive oc :))
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    vvent art of my oc......
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    Something I liked

    I accidentally used this brush to draw and doodled something I thought was cute to look at~
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    My Madonna

    idk i really like my ocs
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    That lace effect is gorgeous!
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    I think I did better here. That hair...
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    Practice/Possible OC

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    The way you did the shirt is super cool! And I love the colors you picked, they really worl well together!
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    crappy sketch lol
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    "Relax." Athazagoraphobia, Chapter 1.
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    Always Watching

    Trust a girl you don't know? > Yes > Yes