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    Have fun with Allergy season!

    It's SPRING! (At least at my place :D)
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    I thought I was ready for what's behind that door. I was wrong.
    There was only one solemn door in this blank room. I stood in front of that door, waiting. I didn't know what I was waiting for, but I was waiting. Facing the door, I stared. I didn't know what I was looking for, but I kept staring. I didn't feel the need to open the door. I didn't know why, but none of this really bothered me. So I kept waiting. The door opened. I looked to see what was hidden behind those solid barriers. Inside, I saw... another door. With nothing to lose, I moved on. As soon as I passed through the first door, it shut itself behind me. I was surprised, but I wasn't shocked. So I proceeded to the next door. This door was smaller than that solemn door before. The room was smaller, too. It was filled with many things. I didn't care enough to tell what they were. I tried to open the small door. I didn't know why I wanted to. So I waited like before, but this time I was restless. Waiting felt long. Wanting to distract myself, I looked around the room. There were nothing but books. Stacks of books. Piles of books. Towers of books. I had little choice but to pursue the contents of those books. I felt tired. The big, solemn door had long disappeared. The small door is still not opening. I'm getting more and more restless everyday. I don't know why I felt like this. The feeling of needing to leave this room was immense, yet I saw no real need to. More than anything, I wanted to escape the room. So I devised a plan on how to. I finished my plan. By using the books, I created a tower. I wanted to knock the door down. I was ready. I proceeded on my plan. By making that clumsily built tower fall right, I broke down the door. Satisfied, I ran towards the door. "Stop." I stopped. "Are you ready for what is beyond this door?" Ready? Of course I was ready. I broke down the door myself. "... I see. Then there is no reason to stop you." "Just know that you cannot go back once you pass this door." There was no way I would go back. I had wanted to get out of this room ever since I've been in it. So I proceeded past the broken door. Why did I go on. I want to go back. Why did I want to get out of that room so much? I would think back... I knew. I was nothing on my own. If I got out of that room, then I could have something I could call "mine". I was so stupid. That tower I built to break that door. Couldn't I have called that "mine"? Why did I want more? In this place where I had nothing to lose because I had lost it all. Everything that I had wanted. Everything that I had had. Even that tower of books, It can't help me now.
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    Eve from Needless! Needless is a really funny gag manga, so you should go read it! Or watch the anime.
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    coloring practice

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    Wahhhh~ Utsutsu shimasu~ From Gatchaman Crowds.
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    Doodles that look better than my drawings

    I draw better on paper. Is the title too depreciating?

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    The Light in the Dark

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    Something I liked

    I accidentally used this brush to draw and doodled something I thought was cute to look at~
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    I think I did better here. That hair...
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    Practice/Possible OC

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    The way you did the shirt is super cool! And I love the colors you picked, they really worl well together!
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    Practice. Looks terrible, but I learned something.

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