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  1. What is imaginationspace?

    Imaginationspace is a social blogging site where you can post whatever! And share them with signal boosts, which on other sites might be called "sharing," "reblogging," etc. You can make your posts on separate pages, or you can post them all on the same page.

    You are free to post whatever as long as it does not break any laws. There are no restrictions on what kind of speech is allowed on this platform.

    Please spread the word by posting about it on whatever social media accounts you currently have! You can ask questions about this site either here or directly to tosiaki, whose social media accounts you may find from the "about" page.

    Cautions: be careful when doing large uploads. The platform currently times you out for any connection lasting over 30 seconds, so you will receive an error if you attempt to upload many large images. However, the upload will go through eventually as the site processes your upload, so don't upload things twice if you receive an error! Your upload will show up after a while when everything is uploaded.
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  2. Just to show that you can do something like this. Posting messages here will require being logged in, for now. Well, let's use this to introduce ourselves! I created this website because I felt that existent websites weren't sufficient. I suppose that should be obvious though.
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